christina dangelo with goats

Welcome! Please enjoy this picture of me with some seriously awesome goats.

If you’d like to see my resume, or drop me a kind note, or a hate letter, please contact me at: ChristinasWorld@gmail.com or join me over on Instagram @christinasworld

My work is primarily focused on what I love most: living. Few things matter more to me than art (Viennese Secessionists! Bronzino!), film and great TV (Almodovar! Bergman! Soderbergh!), theater (Ibsen! Sondheim! Williams! McDonagh!), travel (43 countries so far. India! Netherlands! Burma! Ethiopia!), graphic design (the Lustigs! Bass! Filli! Scher!), cheap gin (Gordon’s!), cake (chocolate pudding cake at Joe Allen! That Grasshopper sundae at Casellula that they’re always taking off the damn menu!), American and French history, and spicy-as-hell Thai food.

I live in the ghettoes of Upper Manhattan with my brand-new husband and two real-live cats, Jack and Lyndon.