About Me

Welcome! Please enjoy this picture of me with some seriously awesome goats.

I'm probably one of the luckiest people on earth. I've had the joy and honor to work with some of the best, most talented, and interesting clients from all over the world — many of whom have become lifelong friends.

Let's see what I can do for you. I'm an art director/graphic designer with a talent for smithing big ideas from concept to execution*, and then selling the living hell out of them for you.

With a background as a painter, writer, and editor — as well as studies in art history, American and French history, cinema studies, and typography — I get a thrill every time I am able to meld my references and skills into arresting visuals for my clients.

I live in Manhattan with my husband and our two staggeringly overweight cats, Jack and Lyndon.

If you’d like to see my resume, or drop me a kind note or hate letter, please contact me at: or join me over on Instagram @christinasworld

*Ninety percent of the work I've chosen to show in my portfolio are my concepts with no outside art direction. I've created collateral across all forms of media internationally: from menus, postcards and posters in Paris; to floor-clings, enormous banners, and playbills in Dubai; and posters, mugs, T-shirt, CDs, business cards, wallclings, etc. here in New York.

Favorite things: art (Bronzino, Kruger), film (Almodovar, Bergman, Truffaut, Yimou, Waters, Linklater, F.F. Coppola), theater (Ibsen, Sondheim, Williams, McDonagh), travel (40+ countries. Favorites: France, India, Netherlands, Burma, Uzbekistan) graphic design (the Lustigs, Bass, Filli, Scher, Victore), gin (I recently discovered Irish Gunpowder Gin while in Donegal County, Ireland), being informed (Atlantic magazine, Paris Review, Fast Company, and The New York Times in print).